Why do businesses and employees value Atlas?

Atlas offers a three-level experiential training program that develops a wide range of competencies and skills that are instrumental to success in the business world. Participants can expect to be challenged and enhance their abilities in the following areas:


Learn the power of leading while inspiring and empowering a team, in order to achieve the bigger vision while also being inclusive of the needs and wants of individuals along the way. This approach creates both extraordinary results and a powerful experience for those involved, which creates long-term sustainability. Participants at Atlas will have an opportunity to practice leadership through a variety of exercises where they experience first-hand what is and is not effective.


Develop the ability to be a valuable member of a team, shifting from leader to follower and back again, as the need arises. Discover opportunities and methods for adding value to the team and its members, regardless of position. Learn to create alignment when a diverse range of opinions exist by focusing on the team’s broader goals and vision.

Effective Communication 

Develop and practice effective speaking and deep listening skills. Focus on communicating the core message by distilling down details into succinct, powerful statements. Meanwhile, learn to listen for both specifics and the underlying message or emotion the speaker is offering.


Practice giving and receiving authentic feedback. Experience the value of it (for both the giver and receiver), and what’s possible by being open to receiving it and having the courage to offer radically honest feedback.

Vision / Goal Setting / Accountability

Create a specific vision, then set exact goals and the timeline by when each will be achieved. Hold yourself and teammates accountable for each step, at the same time that teammates are holding you accountable to your commitments.

Healthy Relationship with Results

Transform your relationship with performance-based pressure. Develop the ability to examine and learn from both successes and failures, in order to accelerate progress and growth.

More details on the three levels, dates, times, and cities are available here.